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Keeping Fit With These Few Exercises That You Can Do On A Wheelchair

Since very many Americans have issues with walking, you will find that most of them rely on some devises in order for them to move around. Some of these people will not even be able to do without a wheelchair may be because of the situation that they are in and they will have to have a person by their side helping them to do all their daily activities and their daily tasks.

Another thing is that one in five people who live in America are disabled. You can be able to do some few exercises even if you are on a wheelchair. It does not necessarily mean that you should stay sedentary if you are on a wheelchair. Being on a wheelchair should not be something that hinders you from working out as much as you want to.

You will find a few exercises that you can even start on right away, that you can be able to do while on a wheelchair. In order to find out about these exercises that we are talking about here and that you can do while you are on a wheelchair, make sure that you continue reading this article. You can choose to do these kinds of exercises in case you want to just stay fit or even if you want to exercise for the sake of becoming an athlete.

For starters, you can wheel yourself around using your own arms. Chances are that you are on a manual chair or an electric one if you are on a wheelchair. In case you have enough upper body strength and if are on a manual wheelchair, take advantage of this and wheel yourself using your own arms and you can wheel yourself in your neighborhood or your town.

This is a very good workout and plus you will be working out to improve your strength and your cardio if you do this. While you are leaving your home, just make sure to use your ramp and this is all as you will not have to use any kind of a special equipment.

Make sure that you start by setting yourself some small goals and then you continue with bigger goals as you fulfil the small ones that you set. You can just wheel yourself up and down in the nursing home halls in case that is where you live.

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