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Finding a Good Pest Control Company

Dealing with insects and unwanted animals in your home can be such a hassle, but looking for the right professionals to handle them can be quite easy. But as there are various kinds of pests, and the chemicals used to eliminate them are toxic, you have to select a reputable company.


When you consider a certain service, inquire if they are insured, especially if the pests involved are termites. Homeowners’ insurance usually doesn’t cover termite treatments or repairs, so find a pest control company that will install an effective baiting system or treat your exterior to prevent thwart infestations.


Warranties provided by pest control professionals typically don’t include a damage clause. When signing a contract, check if there is such as clause; and if so, make sure you know exactly what it covers. If you find their warranty program too pricey, it’s a must to have a once-a-year termite inspection of your premises.

License, Certification and Specialization

Be sure to hire a pest control company that meets your state’s licensing requirements. Aside from that, they have to be specialists in the particular insect or nuisance animal that is the source of your problem. However, don’t think that all certifications are created equal. Don’t hesitate to call the certifying body about their certification requirements. And of course, don’t take their word for it. Tell them to show evidence that they are licensed, certified and insured.

Client References

The most crucial piece of information you should know about potential pest exterminator is whether their treatments actually work for a reasonable timeframe. And the best way to find out is simply to talk to their past clients. Ask them for references then, and if they hesitate, you know they’re hiding something.

The Process

They may be the pest control experts, but you’re still the paying client, so they have to tell you what they plan to do. Will they use baits? Traps? Chemicals? Exclusion technique? The idea is to let them present their plan in written form, so it can be compared with other written plans you get from your other prospects.

Fine Print

Pest control companies usually divide their services into general pest control and termite control. Your contract should be in written form and match the service you need. Set time aside to review and understand each detail in the document.

Your Instincts

Finally, when a company checks out on all these technical requirements, you only have your instincts to listen to. If something or someone from the company makes you feel uncomfortable in some way, forget it. It’s important to choose people who have your complete trust.

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